What is CMP?

Welcome to The Challenging Mathematical Problems (CMP) by GIL!

What is CMP?

A network of striking and provocative problems of mathematics at the junior/high-school level.
A source of intricate mathematical mazes for the gifted as well as for the passionate.
A knowledge base of carefully crafted learning solutions for everyone with a serious interest in mathematical competitions.

What is the use of CMP?

Do you think you are good at mathematics? Put your skills to the test by trying out our problems.
Do you wish to empower your mathematical weapons with new features? Learn new tricks from our solutions.

What is special about these solutions to the problems posted on CMP?

We will not simply hand you over the solutions, instead we will teach you how to get to these solutions by yourself the next time when you will compete at the mathematical contest of your choice!
Our handouts and booklets along with our textbooks, problem books and monographs will offer you the proper support for your mathematical training.

Now that you know all about CMP, our heartfelt advice is to…

Start your training today!

You can learn by doing: Solve, Test, Practice! Aka STP.

You can learn even more by studying: Solve, Test, Study, and Practice! Aka SSTP.