It’s simple, actually.

We post math problems, some which are easy to defeat, some maybe looking tough, and some really mind-blowing ones, in here.

Problems are bundled together by Category but you can start fighting with them in any order you prefer. It’s your armour which counts…

Once you defeated a problem, you might want to let us know about the victory, so feel free to add your comments to our post be them simple thoughts, solutions by yourself or by others (ask them first, please, for permission), or anything else you would like to share with our visitors. You can even give grades to a problem, if you care to do so. Your grade will show our public what was your opinion about that particular problem.

Comments are moderated by the Admin. As soon as it is humanly (?) possible, they will emerge on-line.

We post solutions as well. Read them in here.

Solutions presented by the CMP are clear, concise, and professionally developed. They may include useful commentaries, scientific references, and all the extras which we think can be of help to a studying person.

They will not qualify, however, as tutorials. Detailed guidance should always be a suit tailored personally by a personal tailor…

We can help you improve your favourite schemes for attacking problems and clean up your fighting style!

Carefully prepared tutorials and many types of advanced guidance are available, at your discretion, in here.